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Francisco Ramirez

Picture of Insurance Agent Francisco Ramirez
President of LLC
Hi, I'm Francisco - the founder of LLC. I started my insurance career with a "captive" agency and quickly realized that environment was ill-suited for my growth potential and possibly detrimental to my clients. I set off on my own and contracted with some of the top carriers so that I could offer top-notch solutions to my clients.

I have since set out to build a small agency that will focus on helping other independently-minded agents offer better solutions to their clients. When it comes to insurance, I know that people have a wide variety of options to choose from and the wide variety of choices can make things confusing. It is our goal to simplify the process and get you the coverage that will fit your needs at an affordable price. But it will not end there, we're here to continue serving your needs as both the insurance landscape changes and your personal situation evolves with time.

Bachelor of Science,
Syracuse University -1994

Graduate of
Evanston Township High School - 1990
Key Stats:

  • Policies Written the Most: Medicare Supplements & Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans
  • Favorite Policies to Write: Annuities
  • Member of the 3in4 Need More Association.
Insurance Licenses in:

Illinois, California, Kentucky,
Ohio, Wisconsin, California



Other Experience:

  • Entrepreneur: Founder of LAN Arena, a cyber-cafe style gaming center that operated in Evanston, IL from 1996-1999.
  • Commodity Futures Account Executive: Advised and traded in a variety of high-risk investments for clients from around the world, 1999-2012.
Ever wondered what type of insurance policies agents buy for themselves?
Below are examples of some of the policies that this agent owns:
Life Insurance Policy

American National Insurance Company of America

Coverage Amount:

As of 2014 - $18.14 per month...increases annually.

Policy Type:
ART (Adjustable Rate Term)

Additional Features:
  • Accelerated Benefits for Critical Illness, Terminal Illness, and Chronic Illness.
  • Convertible to a level term policy or to a permanent whole life policy.

Thoughts on Policy:

  • I chose an ART because my height/weight and cholesterol levels were not good enough for more than a Standard Health Rating. I believed that within a couple of years I could improve to a Preferred Health Rating and then get a new policy. So far, I still have some work to do in that department!
  • As for the coverage amount, it was sufficient to meet my family's needs. I have since then added a whole life insurance policy to further increase near-term coverage and to have something in place for when the term coverage expires (although I see a new term life plan in our near future).
Critical Illness Insurance Policy
American General Life Insurance Company

Coverage Amount:
$25,000 for self and $25,000 for spouse.

$52.27 monthly

30 Year Coverage Option

Benefits Include but not Limited to:
100% payout for heart attack, stroke, coma, kidney failure, major organ transplant; 25% for coronary artery bypass, 25% for invasive cancer, $50 for health screening tests per year; plus other coverage benefits.

Thoughts on Policy:
My diet is not the healthiest in the world and I know that the odds of my wife and/or myself developing one of the covered conditions is better than I'd like to admit so picking up this policy made perfect sense to me (the cash will come in handy for health insurance deductibles and lost wages). I also went with the 30 year option because the additional benefits for the lifetime option were not enough to warrant the price difference - specially when the reduction of benefits kicks in at age 70.

I would highly recommend this type of policy to anyone with a genetic predisposition to any of the above listed conditions.
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