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Online Enrollment Tool

Health Insurance
Looking for health insurance?

We offer two quote and enrollment platforms because sometimes there can be a technical issue with one but not the other...generally, both are excellent platforms that offer an enhanced direct enrollment process that is faster and easier than going on

Some key notes:

Household Size: Count all dependents and spouse - even if one or more of them are not looking for coverage.

Household Income: Most types of income must be accounted for, including social security benefits. This is needed to calculate any subsidy/tax credit eligibility.

If you have questions or need help - please contact us!

Call 847-668-9194

Both platforms make it easy for you to come back and upload any required documents or to perform other account maintenance tasks.
We are authorized to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from you by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Any PII we collect is used to assist you in the enrollment process for health insurance or other qualifying insurance.

If you choose to give us PII, we may share this information with internal clerical staff, staff of intermediaries, and other personnel as required to complete your enrollment. PII is used or disclosed only under the following circumstances: in the insurance application process, assistance in payment processing, and when required to complete a task as directed by you.

The request to collect PII is voluntary under applicable laws. If you choose not to provide us with the PII requested, or not to respond to certain questions, we may not be able to assist in your enrollment process or to solve any issues that need to be addressed.

PII that is provided will be submitted to CMS (a federal agency) and will be maintained in a federal System of Records.
This Site Includes Insurance Solicitations and Advertisements. This Information Is Not Affiliated Or Endorsed By Government Agencies.
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